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Interface: PropertyOptions

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Optional getter: string

Custom getter to get the value of the property in the prolog engine. If not provided, the default getter will be used.

Defined in

subject/SDNADecorators.ts:128 (opens in a new tab)


Optional initial: string

The initial value of the property. Required if the property is marked as required.

Defined in

subject/SDNADecorators.ts:108 (opens in a new tab)


Optional local: boolean

Indicates whether the property is stored locally in the perspective and not in the network. Useful for properties that are not meant to be shared with the network.

Defined in

subject/SDNADecorators.ts:138 (opens in a new tab)


Optional required: boolean

Indicates whether the property is required. If true, an initial value must be provided.

Defined in

subject/SDNADecorators.ts:113 (opens in a new tab)


Optional resolveLanguage: string

The language used to store the property. Can be the default Literal Language or a custom language address.

Defined in

subject/SDNADecorators.ts:123 (opens in a new tab)


Optional setter: string

Custom setter to set the value of the property in the prolog engine. Only available if the property is writable.

Defined in

subject/SDNADecorators.ts:133 (opens in a new tab)


Optional through: string

The predicate of the property. All properties must have this option.

Defined in

subject/SDNADecorators.ts:103 (opens in a new tab)


Optional writable: boolean

Indicates whether the property is writable. If true, a setter will be available in the prolog engine.

Defined in

subject/SDNADecorators.ts:118 (opens in a new tab)