3 Neighbourhood Join

Joining a Neighbourhood (on another node/agent)

Assume everything above happened on Alice's agent. Alice now shares the Neighbourhood's URL with Bob. This is what Bob does to join the Neigbourhood, access it as a (local) Perspective and retrieve the Expression Alice created and linked there:

const joinedNeighbourhood = await ad4m.neighbourhood.joinFromUrl(
const myPerspective = await ad4m.perspective.byUUID(joinedNeighbourhood.uuid);
const links = await myPerspective.get(
  new LinkQuery({
    predicate: Literal.from("thinks").toUrl(),
links.forEach(async (link) => {
  const who = link.data.source;
  const what = Literal.fromUrl(link.data.target).get();
  console.log(who, " thinks that ", what);