4 Change Listener

Listening to Perspective changes

Perspectives that have been turned into Neighbourhoods are like entangled particles. Every agent still has their local copy of the Perspective, but a change from any agent will be shared with all other agents immediately, resulting in AD4M automatically updating the local Perspective with the changes by the others.

Even with Perspectives that are not shared as Neighbourhood, a different UI could have access to the same Perspective and cause mutations on it.

Apps/UIs can simply register a listener function on that PerspectiveProxy object:

myPerspective.addListener("link-added", (addedLink: LinkExpression) => {
  console.log("Got a new link:", addedLink);
myPerspective.addListener("link-removed", (removedLink: LinkExpression) => {
  console.log("A link was removed:", removedLink);